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Expiry date March 2022One dose of L-Carnitine Gold Edition contains:High concentration and double dose of L-Carnitine of 4250 mg per dose117 mg of Vitamin C to fight influenza and viral diseases6.1 mg of Vitamin B5 to improve athletic performance-5 mg of Vitamin B1 to improve metabolic disorders-1.1..
160.00 SAR 120.00 SAR
Expiry Date March 2023-One of the most powerful leucine formulations in the world (4 times leucine) with a ratio of 4:1:1 - BCAA is characterized by its anabolic ability due to its great ability to increase protein production in the body and prevent protein breakdown and muscle lossIt helps reduce s..
160.00 SAR 125.00 SAR
Expiry Date March 2023Each scoop (50 grams) contains:50 grams carb6 grams sugar200 caloriesFast  carbUNflavour..
210.00 SAR 200.00 SAR
Each 1 scoop contains:5 grams creatine monohydrate100% pure andunflavour100 scoop..
160.00 SAR 125.00 SAR
Expiry date: 03/03/2024Body Building Supplement (Amino Acids. Vitamins) EAA Nano Gold Edition Cola flavor with sugar subtitues.Each package contains 30 scoops of anessential amino acids containing caffeine and taurine, green tea extract, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which contain nutrients designed to..
145.00 SAR
Product expiration date:April 2023Gold Edition protein bars:Protein Bar is high in protein, especially for athletes who have sweetenersProtein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. Consuming foods that contain little fructose leads to a lower l..
12.00 SAR
Gold Edition Shaker 700 mlAvailable in colors:blackWhite..
25.00 SAR
Each scoop (50) contains:44 grams protein0 fats0 sugar4.4 carb194 calories0.03 sodium3 g amino acids..
350.00 SAR
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