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Expiry date November 2021High Proteinno added sugarepic taste..
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Product expiration date:April 2023Gold Edition protein bars:Protein Bar is high in protein, especially for athletes who have sweetenersProtein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. Consuming foods that contain little fructose leads to a lower l..
12.00 SAR
Laperva 18%Protein Cocofit BarVeggie /  KetoGluten Free  / High FiberNo Sugar AddedOligofructose Syrup, Milk Protein , Skimmed Milk Powder M Sweetener: Maltitol , Cocoa Butter , Coconut Milk Powder (Contains Milk ) (8.2% ) ,Coca Paste ,Humectant: Glycerol,  Cocunt Flakes (3.6%) , Inul..
10.00 SAR
LAPERVA KETOBARCONTAINING 23% OF PURE WHEY PROTEINLaperva Keto Bar is a delicious bar containing %23 of pure whey protein to enjoy a real delicious Keto Bar with a smooth dark Belgian chocolate coating and a high protein content that will contribute to maintain and develop your muscle mass. its the ..
10.00 SAR
LAPERVA KETO FIT Chocolate Caramel 33.3g LAPERVA KETO FIT Chocolate Caramel is a  protein-rich that combines delicious taste and nutritional value, making it an ideal choice for dieters, athletes and those wishing to follow a healthy lifestyle.Product Features:Rich in protein, as the servi..
10.00 SAR
Laperva Protein Bar 60gLaperva Protein Bar The Newest Modern Snacks Rich In Protein, Taste Delicious Crispy Chocolate, Consisting Of Milk Protein, Soy, And Low-Fat Cocoa, Suitable For Those Following A Healthy Lifestyle.It Is Characterized By:• High Protein Content, Which Contains 20 Grams Prot..
10.00 SAR
Laperva Protein Brownie 60gBrownie Chocolate Caramel Rich in Protein has a wonderful taste and a delicious taste to be a protein-rich snack as it contains 20% high-quality protein from whey protein.Product Features:The wonderful and delicious taste of chocolate lovers.Suitable for vegetarian dieters..
12.00 SAR
LAPERVA Protein Chocolate Cookies 100gSnacks with great taste for dieters.Suitable for athletes, as the serving contains 6.8 grams of high-quality protein, while the whole package contains 27 grams of protein.Free of added sugar, and we can say that it is sugar-free as the serving contains a very sm..
16.00 SAR
Laperva Protein Waferit is characterized by the delicious and distinctive taste of chocolate without leaving any aftertaste traces as in some other productsFeatures :it contains 15% proteinGluten freeAspartame freedoesn't contain added sugarit contains only 113 calories.Deliciousit is suitable ..
6.00 SAR
LAPERVA Sports BarOur premium Sugar-free Belgian chocolate bar infused with natural flavor essence so good that you’ll the experience rich Belgian chocolate, Laperva sports Bar with no added sugar to have the same taste appeal as premium Belgian chocolate bars. the chocolate bar made with Maltitol a..
10.00 SAR
8 pieces of rich, luxurious and low-calorie Nawar chocolate, with peanut flavor..
13.00 SAR
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