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Shipping and delivery information

Does shipping service include all countries of the world?

The shipping service currently covers Saudi Arabia only.

1- What is the delivery period for all the cities and governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? How much is the cost?

Delivery time is 2 - 4 working days after receipt of the payment, and the fixed cost of 35 riyals per shipment through one of the reliable shipping companies (Aramex - Samsa)

2 - Delivery within Riyadh city 

The delivery price is by payment method

Payment before delivery is SAR 30

Payment at the receipt of 50 riyals

3 - recovery and condition:

1- The product shall be returned within a maximum period of three days from the date of purchase.

2 - Do not open the product or exposure to sunlight or heat.

3 - Attach proof of purchase of the product.

4. The return request will be reviewed after returning the product and making sure it is safe and return the product amount within 5 working days.

5 - World Food Supplements Institution is entitled to reject any request for retrieval that does not meet the above conditions.