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full force Mass Milk Chocolate 2300 G

full force Mass Milk Chocolate 2300 G
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full force Mass Milk Chocolate 2300 G
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Expiry date October 2022


If you want to gain muscle mass, the daily total caloric balance is of primary importance! Unless you provide optimal energy for your body to perform, repair and build, progress will not happen. Above average weight active athletes may even need around 5,000 calories a day to maintain their muscle mass and performance level, and may find a more serious nutritional support helpful to exceed their current level.

FULL MASS is an excellent quality muscle mass gainer and post-workout formula that is able to provide nutritional support. FULL MASS has 2 quality whey protein concentrates. Whey protein is an abundant source of L-Glutamine and branched-chain aminos. Each serving of FULL MASS provides you about 2 g L-Glutamine and 2,5 g BCAAs. Its proteins contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and also to maintenance of normal bones

Exclusive Agent and Distributor in Saudi Arabia:


Turki Al Jumaiya Trading Est. POBox: 250374 Postal Code 11391


Manufacturer and marketer: Scitec NUTRATION KFT-Europe


Registration number at the SFDA18L35


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